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Curriculum at GMCA

Using the highly successful Abeka curriculum from primary to middle school, enrollment at GMCA means a solid academic education that builds a foundation for life long learning. We have provided an unparalleled, top-quality, Bible- based education to students since 2011.

Biblical Foundation

Teachers share the truth of God’s Word not only through stories, songs, and verses in each morning’s Bible class, but also through every class taught from a biblical perspective.

With character-building content that reinforces Christian values and ethics, we place emphasis on developing the person that each student is growing to be.

Classroom Environment

Our highly trained staff understands and plans for all learning styles.Skills are practiced using fun and engaging teaching methods that allow for encouragement, exploration, and enjoyment in the classroom.

Teamwork with Parents

GMCA believes that student success is directly related to the strength of the relationship between parents and the school. We not only provide information about what each student is learning, but ideas about how parents can support their child at home.  As a team we work together to make sure each student receives the help and attention he needs.

Challenging Curriculum

High academic standards and captivating lessons enable each student to reach his own highest potential: with the average student achieving above-average results.

Teachers provide individual attention for students that need a little extra help or are ready to try an additional challenge. They make sure each student understands what he’s learning and help take each student's strengths to the next level.

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