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Primary Schooling

During the primary years, reading, math, and writing are our primary focus.  Daily games, engaging activities, independent and oral practice are integrated within each subject, including science, history, cursive penmanship, language and more.  These classroom routines  help to strengthen the student’s understanding of basic concepts and  build on the fundamentals of learning in a fun environment.

Elementary Schooling

Elementary is the time when students really begin to build their knowledge of the world around them. They prepare for success in the upper grades by forming superb skills in arithmetic and language arts and mastering their understanding of history and geography, science, health, and the Bible.Teachers build on the concepts students already know and incorporate review and application into new concepts. Concepts are reinforced from subject to subject and from
year to year.

Middle Home Schooling

Students use their strong foundational knowledge to critically think, applying their knowledge to real-life questions and developing their creativity and analytic skills. Our traditional approach to education helps students thrive with a challenging, thorough, and structured curriculum that includes core subjects and the tools needed to successfully compete in the real world. Doing projects, writing reports, and giving presentations, students discover that learning isn’t just about answering questions on a test. Students are given opportunities to explore different interest area in preparation for their transition to high school.
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